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7-13 September, 2005


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Article1: ALEXANDRIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is an annual event held in Alexandria, Egypt. It aims at extending film culture, making known the progress achieved in the various branches of film art and at strengthening the relations among filmmakers throughout the world in general and the Mediterranean in particular.

Article2:  The Egyptian Association of Film Writers and Critics organizes the festival, under the auspices the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and in collaboration with Alexandria Governorate.

Article3:  The festival will be held in the period from 7 to 13 September 2005.


A-     Competition: Official Competition for feature films from Mediterranean countries.

B-     Out of Competition:

-         Official Section

-         Information Section

-         Spotlight on the Mediterranean Country of the Year

-         Special Sections

Article5: Rules of the Official Competition:

-         All entries must be feature films produced wholly or partially by a Mediterranean country during the years of 2004 or 2005

-         Films must not have been shown commercially in Egypt prior to the Festival screenings.

-         The Official Competition prizes are :

-         Best Film

-         Jury Special Prize

-         Best Director

-         Best Screenwriter

-         Best Actor

-         Best Actress

-         Best Artistic Achievement

-         Best First or Second Work of Director

Article6:  The International Jury :

-         The jury will be composed of distinguished personalities in the field of film industry.

-         A jury member should have no relation with any of the official competition films.

-         The jury consists of seven members, including its president. Two of the members may be Egyptians.

Article7: Rules of the Information Section:

-         Films are from all world countries that should have been produced during the years of 2003, 2004 or 2005.

 Article8: General rules for all festival sections:

-         The Festival accepts all categories of feature films on 35 mm to be screened in the festival sections.

-         Films should be in their original language with English subtitles.

-         Films should be submitted for the selection by a completed entry form, a VHS copy of the film and the press material. All to be sent to the secretariat office of the festival, not later than 1 July 2005.

-         The press material should include:

-         A film synopsis in English.

-         Bio and filmography of the director, actors and other major talents.

-         The press book or the publicity booklet.

-         Press stills as 13 x 18 cm photos or as electronic version on CDs.

-         Publicity stills of 20 x 25 cm for the lobby of film theaters.

-         Posters of 70 x 100 cm.

-         TV clips of 3 minutes at maximum on SP Betacam tapes.

-         A selection committee formed by the festival, of filmmakers and critics, will select films for the festival sections.

-         The 35 mm prints of participating films should be available to the festival not later than 1 August 2005.

Article9: The Festival will grant a certificate of participation to the producer of every participating film. The Alexandria Governorate and any other local or international cultural organizations may award prizes or certificates of honour to the participating films according to their own interests. Egyptian or international institutions and companies may award money prizes for the winning films in the official competition.

Article10: During the period of the festival no film can be withdrawn from the festival program, or to be screened out of the festival venues.

Article11: Each participating film may be screened four times at maximum, during the festival period.

Article12:  Entrants cover transportation charges of film prints sent to the festival. The Festival covers return of films by air cargo to entrants within 21 days after the end of festival. Festival covers also all other costs including customs, insurance, storage, and all the local transportation.

Article13:  The film print is insured by the Festival since its arrival to Cairo International Airport, until its expedition back. The Festival holds full responsibility of any loss or damage of the print. The Festival will let the insurance company pay all the costs if it receives an invoice from a legitimate laboratory accompanied with a damage report. This must be done within a one-month period at maximum after receiving the print back, that to assure not losing rights with the insurance company.

Article 14: - Entry forms, VHS copies and the press material of films should be sent to the following address :



9 Orabi St., Cairo 11111, Egypt.

Tel.: (202) 574 1112, (202) 578 0042, Fax: (202) 576 8727

E-mail :

-         The 35 mm prints should be sent to the following address:

Cairo International Airport


-         In both cases, all items could be sent via diplomatic pouch or ordinary air shipment.

Article15:  This regulation form was issued in Arabic and had been translated into English. In case of conflicting interpretation, the Arabic version will be used. The President of the Festival is whom to be authorized to settle all unclear or uncovered cases in this form.

Article 16: Participating in the festival implies acceptance of all the conditions mentioned in this regulation form.

Home Regulations Entry Form عربى